Monday, February 12, 2007

Title Histories Part 1-WWA

Dick the Bruiser 64/04/22 Los Angeles, CA
* Defeats Fred Blassie for the WWA World Heavyweight title; starts
own promotion in Indiana; held up after a match in which the
Bruiser is disqualifed against Johnny Valentine on 65/03/12 in
Indianapolis, IN.
Dick the Bruiser [2] 65/04/10 Indianapolis, IN
* Defeats Johnny Valentine in rematch.
Gene Kiniski 65/08/21
Dick the Bruiser [3] 65/12/25
Mitsu Arakawa 66/10/08
Wilbur Snyder 67/09/30
Dick the Bruiser [4] 69/08/29
Baron Von Raschke 70/03/07 Chicago, IL
Dick the Bruiser [5] 70/10/14
Baron Von Raschke [2] 71/11/29
Art Thomas 72/02/04 Detroit, MI
* Held-up after a match against Baron Von Raschke on 72/05/20
in Detroit, MI.
Baron Von Raschke [3] 72/06/03 Detroit, MI
* Defeats Thomas in rematch.
Bob Ellis 73/03/31
Jimmy Valiant * 74 Detroit, MI
Bob Ellis * 74 Detroit, MI
Ox Baker 74/08/10
Pepper Gomez 75/11/29
Masked Stranger (Guy Mitchell) 76/05/01
Dick the Bruiser [6] 77/03/05
Ivan Koloff 77/06/18
* Title held up on 77/11/12 after a match against
Dick the Bruiser.
Dick the Bruiser [7] 77/12/26
* Defeats Koloff in rematch.
* Vacant.
Dick the Bruiser [8] 79/06/09 Indianapolis, IN
* Defeats King Kong Brody.
King Kong Brody (Bruiser Brody) 79/08/04 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [9] 80/05/31 Indianapolis, IN
Ernie Ladd 80/11/01
Dick the Bruiser [10] 80/11/29
Johnny Valiant 81/04/25
Bobo Brazil 81/07/24 Bartonville, IL
Blackjack Mulligan 81/10/11
Bobo Brazil [2] 81/11 Knoxville, TN *
* Title held up on 82/02/13 after a match against Harley Race
where Race pins Brazil after using an illegal piledriver.
Harley Race 82/04/24 Indianapolis, IN
* Defeats Brazil in rematch; vacant in 82/07.
Dick the Bruiser [11] 83/01
* Awarded.
Bobby Colt 83/06/25 Indianapolis, IN
Spike Huber 84/01/07 Indianapolis, IN
Stormy Granzig 84/07< Terre Haute, IN *
"Great Wojo" Greg Wojokowski 84/07 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [12] 85/01/29 Indianapolis, IN
Greg Wojokowski [2] 85/09<
Scott Rechsteiner (Scott Steiner) 86/08/14 Deaborn, MI
Greg Wojokowski [3] 87/05/03 Toledo, OH
* Vacant.
Calypso Jim
Golden Lion

Title Histories Part 2-WCWA (World Class) Heavyweight Title

Rick Rude 86/02/20
Wins NWA American Heavyweight title from King Parsons on 85/11/04 in Ft. Worth, TX; named the first WCWA World heavyweight champion on 86/02/20 after World Class separates from NWA.
Chris Adams 86/07/04 Dallas, TX
Black Bart 86/09/15 Los Angeles, CA *
Kevin Von Erich 86/10/12 Dallas, TX
Al Perez 87/08/21 Dallas, TX
Wins by forfeit.
Kerry Von Erich 88/03/06 Dallas, TX
Iceman King Parsons 88/03/25 Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich [2] 88/05/08 Irving, TX
Jerry Lawler 88/10/23 Memphis, TN
Kerry Von Erich [3] 88/11/04 Dallas, TX
Tatsumi Fujinami # 88/12/09 Tokyo, JAPAN
Wins when referee rules Von Erich bleeding too heavily to continue.
Kerry Von Erich # [4] 88/12/10
Fujinami unsatisfied with the result and returns the belt to Von Erich.
Jerry Lawler [2] 88/12/13 Chicago, IL
Has defeated Curt Henning on 88/05/09 in Memphis, TN for AWA world title; unifies WCWA world title on 88/12/13; held up after a match against Kerry Von Erich on 89/04/05.
Jerry Lawler [3] 89/04/14
Defeats Kerry Von Erich in rematch; unifies AWA and WCWA World heavyweight titles to become the Unified World heavyweight champion.

Title Histories Part 3-USWA World Title

Jerry Lawler 88/12/13 Chicago, IL
Has won AWA World Heavyweight title, defeating Curt Henning on 88/05/09 in Memphis, TN; unifies WCWA World Heavyweight title, defeating Kerry Von Erich on 88/12/13.
Master of Pain 89/04/01 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [2] 89/04/25 Memphis, TN
Soultaker 89/10/23 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [3] 89/11/06 Memphis, TN
King Cobra 89/12/30 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [4] 90/01/08 Memphis, TN
Jimmy Valiant 90/02/26 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [5] 90/03/12 Memphis, TN
Jimmy Valiant [2] 90/04/28 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [6] 90/05/05 Memphis, TN
The Snowman 90/06/18 Memphis, TN
Stripped on 90/08/27 when Snowman no-shows defense.
Jerry Lawler [7] 90/10/08 Memphis, TN
Defeats Austin Idol in tournament final.
Terry Funk 90/11/05 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [8] 91/03/11 Memphis, TN
Awesome Kong 91/07/29 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [9] 91/08/12 Memphis, TN
The Dragon Master 91/08/26 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [10] 91/09/02 Memphis, TN
Kamala 91/11/25 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [11] 91/12/02 Memphis, TN
Title held-up after a match against Kamala 91/12/07 in Memphis, TN.
Kamala [2] 91/12/09 Memphis, TN
Defeats Lawler in rematch; title held up after a match against Koko B. Ware on 92/02/02 in Memphis, TN.
Kamala [3] 92/02/10 Memphis, TN
Defeats Ware in rematch.
Koko B. Ware 92/02/24 Memphis, TN
Kamala [4] 92/03/16 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [12] 92/05/04 Memphis, TN
Defeats Eddie Gilbert on 92/06/08 in Memphis, TN to unify GWF World Heavyweight title.
Eddie Gilbert 92/06/15 Memphis, TN
Rick Morton 92/07/13 Memphis, TN
Eddie Gilbert [2] 92/07/20 Memphis, TN
Junkyard Dog 92/09/21 Memphis, TN
Butch Reed 92/10/12 Memphis, TN
Todd Champion 92/10/17 Cleveland, OH *
Jerry Lawler [13] 92/11/02 Memphis, TN
Koko B. Ware [2] 92/12/07 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [14] 92/12/14 Memphis, TN
Papa Shango 93/05/03 Memphis, TN
Owen Hart 93/06/21 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [15] 93/07/05 Memphis, TN
Tatanka 93/09/13 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [16] 93/09/20 Memphis, TN
Lawler pins Tatanka in 8-man tag team match with special stipulations to allow title to switch.
Randy Savage 93/10/11 Memphis, TN
Vacated on 93/11/20 when USWA and WWF temporarily end co-promotion.
Jeff Jarrett 93/11/22 Memphis, TN
Wins battle royal, pinning Jerry Lawler.
Jerry Lawler [17] 93/12/20 Memphis, TN
Eddie Gilbert [3] 94/01/31 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [18] 94/02/07 Memphis, TN
Eddie Gilbert [4] 94/02/14 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [19] 94/03/25 Senatobia, MS
Sid Vicious 94/07/16 Memphis, TN
Wins by forfeit.
Jerry Lawler [20] 95/02/06 Memphis, TN
Bill Dundee 95/02/25 Memphis, TN
Razor Ramon 95/04/03 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [21] 95/05/01 Memphis, TN
Ahmed Johnson 95/11/06 Memphis, TN
Jeff Jarrett [2] 95/12/20 Tunica, MS
Stripped on 96/03/02 because of a back injury.
Jerry Lawler [22] 96/03/04 Memphis, TN
Defeats Mabel in tournament final; title held-up after a match against Bill Dundee on 96/03/08 in Truman, AR on an NAW card; rematch is scheduled for 96/04/05 (result unknown; Lawler wins?).
Jeff Jarrett [3] 96/04/20 Memphis, TN
Jarret pins Lawler when Lawler checking on referee Frank Morrell, who fakes a heart attack while Lawler pins Jarrett.
Jerry Lawler [23] 96/07/24 West Helena, AR *
Sid Vicious [2] 96/08/30 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [24] 96/09/02 Memphis, TN
Colorado Kid 96/10/04 Jonesboro, AR
Jerry Lawler [25] 96/11/16 Memphis, TN
Tank 97/03/15 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [26] 97/03/22 Memphis, TN
King Reginald (Reggie B. Fine) 97/04/12 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [27] 97/04/27 Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell 97/08/08 Memphis, TN
USWA closes in 97/11.

Title Histories part 3-WCWA-World Class
Rick Rude 86/02/20
Wins NWA American Heavyweight title from King Parsons on 85/11/04 in Ft. Worth, TX; named the first WCWA World heavyweight champion on 86/02/20 after World Class separates from NWA.
Chris Adams 86/07/04 Dallas, TX
Black Bart 86/09/15 Los Angeles, CA *
Kevin Von Erich 86/10/12 Dallas, TX
Al Perez 87/08/21 Dallas, TX
Wins by forfeit.
Kerry Von Erich 88/03/06 Dallas, TX
Iceman King Parsons 88/03/25 Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich [2] 88/05/08 Irving, TX
Jerry Lawler 88/10/23 Memphis, TN
Kerry Von Erich [3] 88/11/04 Dallas, TX
Tatsumi Fujinami # 88/12/09 Tokyo, JAPAN
Wins when referee rules Von Erich bleeding too heavily to continue.
Kerry Von Erich # [4] 88/12/10
Fujinami unsatisfied with the result and returns the belt to Von Erich.
Jerry Lawler [2] 88/12/13 Chicago, IL
Has defeated Curt Henning on 88/05/09 in Memphis, TN for AWA world title; unifies WCWA world title on 88/12/13; held up after a match against Kerry Von Erich on 89/04/05.
Jerry Lawler [3] 89/04/14
Defeats Kerry Von Erich in rematch; unifies AWA and WCWA World heavyweight titles to become the Unified World heavyweight champion

Title Histories Part 4-WCW World Heavyweight Title

Ric Flair 91/01/11 East Rutherford, NJ
Wins NWA World heavyweight title from Sting; recognized as the first WCW World Heavyweight champion; stripped on 91/07/01 when Flair fired by WCW.
Lex Luger 91/07/14 Baltimore, MD
Defeats Barry Windham.
Sting 92/02/29 Milwaukee, WI
Big Van Vader 92/07/12 Albany, GA
Ron Simmons 92/08/02 Baltimore, MD
Big Van Vader [2] 92/12/30 Baltimore, MD
Sting [2] 93/03/11 London, ENGLAND
Big Van Vader/Vader [3] 93/03/17 Dublin, IRELAND
Ric Flair [2] 93/12/27 Charlotte, NC
Title held-up after a match against Ricky Steamboat on 94/04/17 in Rosemont, IL ends as a double pin.
Ric Flair [3] 94/04/21 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Steamboat in rematch; unifies "WCW International" World title, defeating Sting on 94/06/23 in Charleston, SC.
Hulk Hogan 94/07/17 Orlando, FL
The Giant (Paul Wight) 95/10/29 Detroit, MI
Wins via DQ; Jimmy Hart, Hogan's manager, signed the contract so that the title change hands via DQ; stripped on 95/11/06 when WCW claims decision was dubious.
Randy Savage 95/11/26 Norfolk, VA
Wins a 60-man, 3-ring battle royal, eliminating One Man Gang; Hulk Hogan was not thrown over the top rope, but referee Randy Anderson, believing Hogan was in fact eliminated, awarded the match to Savage after Gang was eliminated.
Ric Flair [4] 95/12/27 Nashville, TN
Randy Savage [2] 96/01/22 Las Vegas, NV
Ric Flair [5] 96/02/11 St. Petersburg, FL
The Giant [2] 96/04/22 Albany, GA
Hulk Hogan [2] 96/08/10 Sturgis, SD
Lex Luger [2] 97/08/04 Auburn Hills, MI
Hulk Hogan [3] 97/08/09 Sturgis, SD
Sting [3] 97/12/28 Washington, DC
Declared vacant on 98/01/08 in Daytona Beach, FL by J.J. Dillon, the chairman of WCW Executive Committee, because of the controversial endings at the 97/12/28 card in Washington, DC and the 97/12/29 card in Baltimore, MD.
Sting [4] 98/02/22 San Francisco, CA
Defeats Hulk Hogan.
Randy Savage [3] 98/04/19 Denver, CO
Hulk Hogan [4] 98/04/20 Colorado Springs, CO
Bill Goldberg 98/07/06 Atlanta, GA
Kevin Nash 98/12/27 Washington, DC
Hulk Hogan [5] 99/01/04 Atlanta, GA
Ric Flair [6] 99/03/14 Louisville, KY
Diamond Dallas Page 99/04/11 Tacoma, WA
Defeats Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Sting in a Four Corners match in which whoever gets the pin from anybody wins the title.
Sting [5] 99/04/26 Fargo, ND
Diamond Dallas Page [2] 99/04/26 Fargo, ND
Defeats Sting, Kevin Nash, and Bill Goldberg in a Four Way match.
Kevin Nash [2] 99/05/09 St. Louis, MO
Randy Savage [4] 99/07/11 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Teams with Sid Vicious in a tag team match and pins Nash, who teams with Sting.
Hulk Hogan [6] 99/07/12 Jacksonville, FL
Sting [6] 99/09/12 Winston-Salem, NC
Declared vacant on 99/10/25 after Sting attacks WCW referee Charles Robinson in previous night.
Bret Hart 99/11/21 Toronto, ON
Defeats Chris Benoit in 32-man tournament final; vacates on 99/12/20 after title defense against Bill Goldberg on 99/12/19 in Washington, DC ends in a controversy.
Bret Hart [2] 99/12/20 Baltimore, MD
Defeats Bill Goldberg; stripped on 2000/01/16 due to injury.
Chris Benoit 00/01/16 Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Sid Vicious; stripped on next day due to a controversial ending (Benoit cancels the show and vacates the title).
Sid Vicious 00/01/24 Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Kevin Nash; stripped on 2000/01/25 by Nash, who is also WCW Commissioner.
Kevin Nash [3] 00/01/25 Las Vegas, NV
Nash awards himself the title after stripping it from Sid Vicious.
Sid Vicious [2] 00/01/25 Las Vegas, NV
Defeats Kevin Nash in a steel cage triangle match against Nash and Ron Harris; declared vacant by WCW executives Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo on 00/04/10 in Denver, CO.
Jeff Jarrett 00/04/16 Chicago, IL
Defeats Diamond Dallas Page.
Diamond Dallas Page [3] 00/04/24 Rochester, NY
David Arquette 00/04/25 Syracuse, NY
An actor; teams with Diamond Dallas Page in a tag team match and pins Eric Bischoff, who teams with Jeff Jarrett.
Jeff Jarrett [2] 00/05/07 Kansas City, MO
Defeats Arquette and Diamond Dallas Page in a Triple Cage match.
Ric Flair [7] 00/05/15 Biloxi, MS
Stripped by Vince Russo on 00/05/22.
Jeff Jarrett [3] 00/05/22 Grand Rapids, MI
Defeats Kevin Nash.
Kevin Nash [4] 00/05/23 Saginaw, MI
Defeats Jarrett and Scott Steiner in a triple threat match.
Ric Flair [8] 00/05/29 Salt Lake City, UT
Belt returned to Flair by Nash.
Jeff Jarrett [4] 00/05/29 Salt Lake City, UT
On 00/07/09 in Daytona Beach, FL, Jarrett intentionally lays down in the ring while Hulk Hogan covered him for the pin; matchmaker Vince Russo comes back out and explains to the crowd that he has been dealing with Hogan's politics all day and gives Hogan "his" WCW World title belt as the Hulk Hogan Memorial Belt because it doesn't mean squat anymore; Russo claims Jarrett is still the WCW Champion but with a new belt and will defend his title against Booker T, a man who has been "held back by Hogan for 14 years".
Booker T. 00/07/09 Daytona Beach, FL
Kevin Nash [5] 00/08/28 Las Cruces, NM
Booker T. [2] 00/09/17 Buffalo, NY
Vince Russo 00/09/25 Uniondale, NY
Manages to leave the cage during a steel cage match; vacates on 00/10/02.
Booker T. [3] 00/10/02 San Francisco, CA
Defeats Jeff Jarrett.
Scott Steiner 00/11/26 Milwaukee, WI
Booker T. [4] 01/03/26 Panama Beach, FL
WCW brand has been acquired by WWF in this month; Booker T continues to be recognized as champion.
Kurt Angle 01/07/24 Pitsburgh, PA
Booker T. [5] 01/07/30 Philadelphia, PA
The Rock 01/08/19 San Jose, CA
Chris Jericho 01/10/21 St. Louis, MO
The Rock [2] 01/11/05 Uniondale, NY
Only referred to as "World Title" after 01/11/19.
Chris Jericho [2] 01/12/09 San Diego, CA
Unified with WWF World Heavyweight Title on the same day when Jericho defeats Steve Austin.

* World Hevavyweight Title is revived in W.W.E. Raw in 2002/09.

Title Histories Part 5-ECW World Heavyweight Title

N.W.A. Eastern Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title ( 1992/04 - 1994/09 )
Extreme Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title ( 1994/09 - )
(as of 2006/12/04)

Jimmy Snuka 92/04/25 Tabor, PA
* Defeats Sal Bellomo after they each win separate
battle royals to determine finalists.
Johnny Hot Body 92/04/26 Philadelphia, PA
Jimmy Snuka [2] 92/07/14 Philadelphia, PA
Don Muraco 92/09/30 Philadelphia, PA
The Sandman 92/11/16 Philadelphia, PA
Don Muraco [2] 93/04/03 Radnor, PA
Tito Santana 93/08/08 Philadelphia, PA
Shane Douglas 93/09/09 Roanoke, VA *
* Wins by forfeit.
Sabu 93/10/02 Philadelphia, PA
Terry Funk 93/12/26 Philadelphia, PA
Shane Douglas [2] 94/03/26 Devon, PA
* Pins Funk in 8-man war game match with Douglas
& Mr. Hughes & Public Enemy vs Funk & Hawk
& Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac; defeats 2 Cold Scorpio
on 94/08/27 in Philadelphia in the revived
NWA World heavyweight championship tournament final,
but immediately vacates it and elevates the ECW title
to World title status instead; ECW immediately
announces the withdrawal of NWA; renamed to
Extreme Championship Wrestling in 94/09.
The Sandman [2] 95/04/15 Philadelphia, PA
Mikey Whipwreck 95/10/28 Philadelphia, PA
The Sandman [3] 95/12/09 Philadelphia, PA
* Wins triangle match over Whipwreck and Steve Austin.
Raven 96/01/27 Philadelphia, PA
The Sandman [4] 96/10/05 Philadelphia, PA
* Defeats Stevie Richards in a tag match with Sandman &
Tommy Dreamer vs. Richards & Brian Lee when Raven no-shows.
Raven [2] 96/12/07 Philadelphia, PA
Terry Funk [2] 97/04/13 Philadelphia, PA
Sabu [2] 97/08/09 Philadelphia, PA
Shane Douglas [3] 97/08/17 Fort Lauderdale, FL
* Defeats Terry Funk and Sabu in a 3-Way Dance.
Bam Bam Bigelow 97/10/16 Queens, NY
Shane Douglas [4] 97/11/30 Monaca, PA
Taz 99/01/10 Kissimmee, FL
Mike Awesome 99/09/19 Villa Park, IL
* Defeats Taz and Masato Tanaka in a Three Way Dance.
Masato Tanaka 99/12/17 Nashville, TN
Mike Awesome [2] 99/12/23 White Plains, NY
Tazz [2] 00/04/13 Indianapolis, IN
Tommy Dreamer 00/04/22 Philadelphia, PA
Justin Credible 00/04/22 Philadelphia, PA
Jerry Lynn 00/10/01 St. Paul, MN
Steve Corino 00/11/05 Villa Park, IL
* Defeats Justin Credible in a Double Jeopardy match,
in which Lynn faces Credible while Corino wrestles
The Sandman in the same ring at the same time with
the two winners meet for the title.
The Sandman [5] 01/01/07 New York, NY
* Defeats Corino and Justin Credible.
Rhino 01/01/07 New York, NY
* Promotion closes in 01/04.
Rob Van Dam 06/06/13 Trenton, NJ
* Awarded for winning WWE World Heavyweight Title by
defeating John Cena on 06/06/11 in New York, NY;
WWE retarts ECW as its television show.
Big Show 06/07/04 Philadelphia, PA
Bobby Lashley 06/12/03 Augusta, GA
* Wins Elimination Chamber match, defeating Big Show,
C.M. Punk, Bob Holly, Test, and Rob Van Dam

Title Histories Part 6-NWA World Heavyweight Title

Orville Brown # 40/07<
Holder of the Midwest Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title in Kansas City, recognized as a world champion in Des Moines, IA by Pinkie George, who later founds the current version of the NWA in 48; said to have been the "National Wrestling Alliance" World champion for seven years before losing to Sonny Myers in 47/11.
Ed Virag 43/06<
Holder of the Wichita-based National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Title, recognized as champion in Des Moines, IA by Pinkie George in 43/06 and 43/08.
Ray Steele 43/11<
Started being recognized as champion in Des Moines sometime between 43/10/06 and 43/11/03; may have defeated Virag in a disputed decision between those dates.
Dave Levin 44/05/10 Des Moines, IA
Lee Wyckoff # 44/06/29 Topeka, KS
Defeats Levin for MWA title; may not be recognized as NWA champion in Des Moines.
Orville Brown 44/08/16 Kansas City, KS
Defeats Wyckoff for MWA title; recognized as champion in Des Moines sometime before 46/03/04; some reports say Ronnie Etchison defeats Brown, billed as "National Wrestling Association" champion, in Montana in 46.
Sonny Myers 47/11/03 Des Moines, IA
Orville Brown [2] 48/01/05 Des Moines, IA
Pinkie George founds the current version of National Wrestling Alliance in 48/07 in Waterloo, IA with 5 other promoters and recognizes Brown as the world heavyweight champion.
Lou Thesz 49/11/27
Unifies following titles to become the Undisputed World Heavyweight champion :
National Wrestling Association World Heavyweight title, having defeated Bill Longson on 48/07/20 in Indianapolis, IN
National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight title, awarded on 49/11/27 when champion Orville Brown is injured in an automobile accident on 49/11/01 before a unification match scheduled on 49/11/25 in St. Louis, MO
Also defeats American Wrestling Association World Heavyweight (Boston) champion Gorgeous George on 50/07/27 in Chicago, IL (AWA title not on line).
Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium version of the world title, defeating Baron Michele Leone on 52/05/21 in Los Angeles, CA.

Whipper Billy Watson 56/03/15 Toronto, ON
Wins by count out.
Lou Thesz [2] 56/11/09 St. Louis, MO
Edouard Carpentier # 57/06/14 Chicago, IL
Wins when Thesz cannot continue due to a back injury.
Lou Thesz # 57/07/24 Montreal, QC
Defeats Carpentier by disqualification; NWA initially continues to recognize Carpentier as the champion; however, Carpentier withdraws his claim to the title when Montreal promoter Eddie Quinn leaves NWA; NWA voids all recognition of Carpentier as champion; Carpentier continues to be recognized as world champion in Omaha and by World Wrestling Association in Los Angeles to legitimate the lineages of their world titles.
Dick Hutton 57/11/14 Toronto, ON
Pat O'Connor 59/01/09 St. Louis, MO
Buddy Rogers 61/06/30 Chicago, IL
Bobo Brazil # 62/08/18 Newark, NJ
Wins when Rogers claims a groin injury; Brazil refuses the victory; however, it is announced on 62/09/06 that Brazil is the new champion because nothing has been found wrong with Rogers by the doctor.
Buddy Rogers # 62/10/30 Toledo, OH
Killer Kowalski defeats Rogers on 62/11/21 in Montreal, QC after Rogers' ankle is broken in first fall; Kowalski is recognized as champion in some places including Texas; Rogers defeats Kowalski on 63/01/21 in New York, NY, but Kowalski claims the match is not for the title.
Lou Thesz [3] 63/01/24 Toronto, ON
Promoters in northeast refuse to recognize Rogers's one-fall loss to Thesz and start World Wide Wrestling Federation with Rogers as the first WWWF World Heavyweight champion; Thesz defeats Rogers in a two-out-of-three-falls rematch on 63/02/07 in Toronto, ON; defeats Kowalski on 63/02/01 in Houston, TX.
Gene Kiniski 66/01/07 St. Louis, MO
Dory Funk Jr. 69/02/11 Tampa, FL
Harley Race 73/03/24 Kansas City, MO
Jack Brisco 73/07/20 Houston, TX
Giant Baba 74/12/02 Kagoshima, JAPAN
Jack Brisco [2] 74/12/09 Toyohashi, JAPAN
Terry Funk 75/12/10 Miami, FL
Harley Race [2] 77/02/06 Toronto, ON
Dusty Rhodes 79/08/21 Tampa, FL
Harley Race [3] 79/08/26 Orlando, FL
Giant Baba [2] 79/10/31 Nagoya, JAPAN
Harley Race [4] 79/11/07 Amagasaki, JAPAN
Giant Baba [3] 80/09/04 Saga, JAPAN
Harley Race [5] 80/09/09 Ohtsu, JAPAN
Tommy Rich 81/04/27 Augusta, GA
Harley Race [6] 81/05/01 Gainsville, GA
Dusty Rhodes [2] 81/06/21 Atlanta, GA
Ric Flair 81/09/17 Kansas City, MO
Wrestles to a double count-out against WWF Heavyweight champion Bob Backlund on 82/07/04 in Atlanta, GA; around 82 in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Flair allows himself to be pinned by Jack Veneno to avoid the riot from the audience, but the title is returned to Flair; Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes under mask) defeats Flair on 83/02/09 in Miami, FL but returns the belt when asked to indentify himself by NWA president Bob Geigel.
Carlos Colon # 83/01/06 San Juan, PR
Ric Flair # 83/01/10<
Harley Race [7] 83/06/10 St. Louis, MO
Ric Flair [2] 83/11/24 Greensboro, NC
Harley Race [8] 84/03/21 Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Ric Flair [3] 84/03/23 Kallang, SINGAPORE
Kerry Von Erich 84/05/06 Irving, TX
Ric Flair [4] 84/05/24 Yokosuka, JAPAN
Wrestles to a double count-out against AWA World heavyweight champion Rick Martel on 85/10/21 in Tokyo, JAPAN.
Dusty Rhodes [3] 86/07/26 Greensboro, NC
Ric Flair [5] 86/08/09 St. Louis, MO
Ronnie Garvin 87/09/25 Detroit, MI
Ric Flair [6] 87/11/26 Chicago, IL
Ricky Steamboat 89/02/20 Chicago, IL
Ric Flair [7] 89/05/07 Nashville, TN
Sting 90/07/07 Baltimore, MD
Ric Flair [8] 91/01/11 East Rutherford, NJ
Tatsumi Fujinami 91/03/21 Tokyo, JAPAN
Ric Flair [9] 91/05/19 St. Petersburg, FL
Stripped on 91/09/08 when Flair signs with WWF, where he claims the "Real World Heavyweight Title"; NWA World Heavyweight Title is vacant for the first time in its history; Flair wins WWF World Heavyweight Title on 92/01/19 in Albany, NY; some reports say Lex Luger, who has won the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Title by defeating Barry Windham on 91/07/14 in Baltimore, MD, is briefly given recognition as NWA World champion by the NWA board, controlled by WCW Vice President Jim Herd; Luger is not recognized by NWA as a former champion.
Masahiro Chono 92/08/12 Tokyo, JAPAN
Defeats Rick Rude in tournament final to win the vacant title.
Great Muta 93/01/04 Tokyo, JAPAN
Barry Windham 93/02/21 Ashville, NC
Ric Flair [10] 93/07/18 Biloxi, MS
Recognition dropped by NWA in 93/09 after WCW withdraws from NWA; WCW continues to recognize "WCW International" World Heavyweight title with Flair as the champion.
Shane Douglas 94/08/27 Phiadelphia, PA
Defeats Too Cold Scorpio in tournament final but refuses the belt; ECW immediately announces their withdrawal from the NWA.
Chris Candido 94/11/19 Cherry Hill, NJ
Defeats Tracy Smothers in tournament final.
Dan Severn 95/02/24 Erlanger, KY
Naoya Ogawa 99/03/14 Yokohama, JAPAN
Gary Steele 99/09/25 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Ogawa and Brian Anthony in a three way dance.
Naoya Ogawa [2] 99/10/02 Thomaston, CT
Vacates on 00/07/02.
Mike Rapada 00/09/19 Tampa, FL
Defeats Jerry Flynn in 8-man tournament final.
Sabu 00/11/14 Tampa, FL
Mike Rapada [2] 00/12/22 Nashville, TN
Steve Corino 01/04/24 Tampa, FL
Title held-up after a match against Shin'ya Hashimoto on 01/10/13 in St. Petersburg, FL when Corino is unable to continue due to injury.
Shin'ya Hashimoto 01/12/15 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Corino and Gary Steele in a round-robin triangle match.
Dan Severn [2] 02/03/09 Tokyo, JAPAN
Referee gives a fast count; stripped on 02/05/28 by unanimous vote of the NWA Board of Directors for not being able to schedule a title defense on 02/06/19 in Huntsville, AL.
Ken Shamrock 02/06/19 Huntsville, AL
Defeats Malice after the two become the finalists of a battle royal; Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is given a control of the title by the NWA Board of Directors after this point.
Ron Killings 02/08/07 Nashville, TN
Jeff Jarrett 02/11/20 Nashville, TN
Defeats Sting 03/05/25 in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND to unify World Wrestling All-Stars World Heavyweight Title.
A. J. Styles 03/06/11 Nashville, TN
Jeff Jarrett [2] 03/10/22 Nashville, TN
A. J. Styles [2] 04/04/21 Nashville, TN
Ron Killings [2] 04/05/19 Nashville, TN
Defeats Styles, Chris Harris, and Raven in a 4-way match.
Jeff Jarrett [3] 04/06/02 Nashville, TN
A. J. Styles [3] 05/05/15 Orlando, FL
Raven 05/06/19 Orlando, FL
Defeats Styles, Sean Waltman, Monty Brown, and Abyss in a "King of the Mountain" match.
Jeff Jarrett [4] 05/09/15 Oldcastle, ON
Rhino 05/10/23 Orlando, FL
Jeff Jarrett [5] 05/10/25 Orlando, FL
Christian Cage 06/02/12 Orlando, FL
Jeff Jarrett [6] 06/06/18 Orlando, FL
Defeats Cage, Sting, Abyss, and Ron Killings in a "King of the Mountain" match.
Sting [2] 06/10/22 Plymouth, MI
Abyss 06/11/19 Orlando, FL
Wins by DQ.
Christian Cage [2] 07/01/14 Orlando, FL
Defeats Abyss and Sting in a 3-way match.

Title Histories Part 7-WWE Championship

World Wide Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Title ( 1963/04 - 1971 )
World Wide Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title ( 1971 - 1979/03 )
World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title ( 1979/03 - 1983 )
World Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Title ( 1983 - 2002/05 )
World Wrestling Entertainment World Heavyweight Title ( 2002/05 - )

Buddy Rogers 63/01
Continued to be recogized as world champion in northeast even after losing to NWA world title Lou Thesz on 63/01/24 in Toronto, ON because the promoters refuse recognize Rogers's one-fall loss in the title match; in some accounts, Rogers defeats Antonino Rocca in a fictitious tournament in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL for the title in 63/03.
Bruno Sammartino 63/05/17 New York, NY
Ivan Koloff 71/01/18 New York, NY
Pedro Morales 71/02/08 New York, NY
Reduced from a world title to a regional belt after the WWWF joins the NWA in 1971.
Stan Stasiak 73/12/01 Philadelphia, PA
Bruno Sammartino [2] 73/12/10 New York, NY
Superstar Billy Graham 77/04/30 Baltimore, MD
Bob Backlund 78/02/20 New York, NY
Renamed to WWF title in 1979/03; wrestles to a double count-out against AWA World heavyweight champion Nick Bockwinkel on 1979/03/25 in Toronto, ON.
Antonio Inoki 79/11/30 Tokushima, JAPAN
Backlund pins Inoki in a rematch in Tokyo, JAPAN on 1979/12/06, but WWF president Hisashi Shinma declares the match to be no-contest because of the interference of Tiger Jeet Singh; Shinma gives the belt back to Inoki, but he does not accept it.
Bob Backlund [2] 79/12/12 New York, NY
Defeats Bobby Duncum for the vacant title; defeats NWA World heavyweight champion Harley Race by disqualification on 1980/09/22 in New York, NY(no title change); title held up on 1981/10/19 when Greg Valentine is mistakenly given the belt by a dazed referee after being pinned by Backlund.
Bob Backlund [3] 81/11/23 New York, NY
Defeats Greg Valentine in rematch; wrestles to a double count-out against NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair on 1982/07/04 in Atlanta, GA; recognized as WWF World Heavyweight Champion when WWF withdraws from NWA in 1983.
Iron Sheik 83/12/26 New York, NY
Wins title when manager Arnold Skoaland throws in the towel while Backland is in the camel clutch.
Hulk Hogan 84/01/23 New York, NY
Andre the Giant 88/02/05 Indianapolis, IN
The referee counts three even though Hogan's shoulder comes up before the third count.
Ted DiBiase # 88/02/05 Indianapolis, IN
Awarded by Andre immediately after winning the title; announced as champion until the following weekend when WWF president Jack Tunney announces the title cannot be given away and Andre has officially vacated the title by doing so.
Randy Savage 88/03/27 Atlantic City, NJ
Defeats Ted DiBiase in tournament final.
Hulk Hogan [2] 89/04/02 Atlantic City, NJ
Ultimate Warrior 90/04/01 Toronto, ON
Sgt. Slaughter 91/01/19 Miami, FL
Hulk Hogan [3] 91/03/24 Los Angeles, CA
The Undertaker 91/11/27 Detroit, MI
Hulk Hogan [4] 91/12/03 San Antonio, TX
Held up on 1991/12/04 after two controversial changes, to be given to Royal Rumble winner.
Ric Flair 92/01/19 Albany, NY
Wins Royal Rumble, eliminating Sid Justice; has claimed the "Real World Heavyweight Title" since 1991/09 with his NWA World Heavyweight title belt.
Randy Savage [2] 92/04/05 Indianapolis, IN
Ric Flair [2] 92/09/01 Hershey, PA
Bret Hart 92/10/12 Saskatoon, SK
Yokozuna 93/04/04 Las Vegas, NV
Hulk Hogan [5] 93/04/04 Las Vegas, NV
Mr. Fuji, Yokozuna's manager, challenges Hogan immediately after Yokozuna wins the title.
Yokozuna [2] 93/06/13 Dayton, OH
Bret Hart [2] 94/03/20 New York, NY
Bob Backlund [4] 94/11/23 San Antonio, TX
Diesel 94/11/26 New York, NY
Bret Hart [3] 95/11/19 Landover, MD
Shawn Michaels 96/03/31 Anaheim, CA
Sycho Sid 96/11/17 New York, NY
Shawn Michaels [2] 97/01/19 San Antonio, TX
Vacant on 1997/02/13 because of a knee injury.
Bret Hart [4] 97/02/16 Chattanooga, TN
Defeats Undertaker, Steve Austin, and Vader in a Four Corners No Disqualification Elimination match .
Sycho Sid [2] 97/02/17 Nashville, TN
The Undertaker [2] 97/03/23 Rosemont, IL
Bret Hart [5] 97/08/03 East Rutherford, NJ
Shawn Michaels [3] 97/11/09 Montreal, PQ
Referee suddenly stops the match and awards the title to Michaels.
Steve Austin 98/03/29 Boston, MA
Kane (Glen Jacobs) 98/06/28 Pittsburgh, PA
Wins title in a first blood match after the Undertaker attacks Austin.
Steve Austin [2] 98/06/29 Cleveland, OH
Vacant on 1998/09/27 in Hamilton, ON, CANADA when Austin was pinned by both Undertaker and Kane simultaneously in a 3-way match.
Rocky Maivia 98/11/15 St. Louis, MO
Defeats Mankind in 13-man tournament final.
Mankind 98/12/29 Worcester, MA
Rocky Maivia [2] 99/01/24 Anaheim, CA
Mankind [2] 99/01/26 Tucson, AZ
Rocky Maivia [3] 99/02/15 Birmingham, AL
Steve Austin [3] 99/03/28 Philadelphia, PA
The Undertaker [3] 99/05/23 Kansas City, MO
Steve Austin [4] 99/06/28 Charlotte, NC
Mankind [3] 99/08/22 Minneapolis, MN
Pins Austin in a triangle match against Austin and Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley 99/08/23 Ames, IA
Vince McMahon 99/09/14 Las Vegas, NV
Vacates on 1999/09/20.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [2] 99/09/26 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Rocky Maivia, Kane, Mankind, British Bulldog, and Big Show in a Six Pack Challenge match.
The Big Show (Paul Wight) 99/11/14 Detroit, MI
Defeats Helmsley and The Rock in a Triple Threat match; Big Show substitutes for "injured" Steve Austin.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [3] 00/01/03 Miami, FL
Chris Jericho wins the title on 00/04/17, but the decision is later revsersed on the same day because of a fast count by referee.
"The Rock" Rocky Maivia [4] 00/04/30 Washington, DC
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [4] 00/05/21 Louisville, KY
The Rock [5] 00/06/25 Boston, MA
Pins Vince McMahon a 6-man tag team match, teaming with Kane and Undertaker against Vince, Shane McMahon & Triple H.
Kurt Angle 00/10/22 Albany, NY
The Rock [6] 01/02/25 Las Vegas, NV
Steve Austin [5] 01/04/01 Houston, TX
Kurt Angle [2] 01/09/23 Pittsburgh, PA
Steve Austin [6] 01/10/08 Indianapolis, IN
Chris Jericho 01/12/09 San Diego, CA
Unifies WCW World Heavyweight Title, which Jericho has won earlier on the same card, defeating The Rock; billed as "Undisputed" WWE title.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [5] 02/03/17 Toronto, ON
Hulk Hogan [6] 02/04/21 Kansas City, MO
The Undertaker [4] 02/05/19 Nashville, TN
The Rock [7] 02/07/21 Detroit, MI
Defeats The Undertaker and Kurt Angle in a 3-way match.
Brock Lesnar 02/08/25 Uniondale, NY
No loger billed as "Undisputed" title after Lesnar signs to wrestle exclusively for the Smackdown brand; RAW brand general manager Eric Bischoff awards World Heavyweight Title to Triple H on 02/09/02 in Minneapolis, MN for defeating The Undertaker for a top contender match on 02/08/26.
The Big Show [2] 02/11/17 New York, NY
Kurt Angle [3] 02/12/15 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Brock Lesnar [2] 03/03/30 Seattle, WA
Kurt Angle [4] 03/07/27 Denver, CO
Defeats Lesnar and the Big Show in 3-way match.
Brock Lesnar [3] 03/09/16 Raleigh, NC
Wins 60min Iron Man match.
Eddie Guerrero 04/02/15 San Francisco, CA
John Bradshaw Layfield 04/06/27 Norfolk, VA
John Cena 05/04/03 Los Angeles, CA
Moves to the RAW brand in 05/06.
Edge 06/01/08 Albany, NY
Wins a a ladder match on 05/04/03 in Los Angeles, CA to obtain a right to challenge for the title anytime next year; defeats Cena right after Cena wins a 6-man elimination cage match.
John Cena [2] 06/01/29 Miami, FL
Rob Van Dam 06/06/11 New York, NY
Edge [2] 06/07/03 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Van Dam and John Cena in a 3-way match.
John Cena [3] 06/09/17 Toronto, ON