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Title Histories Part 7-WWE Championship

World Wide Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Title ( 1963/04 - 1971 )
World Wide Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title ( 1971 - 1979/03 )
World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title ( 1979/03 - 1983 )
World Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Title ( 1983 - 2002/05 )
World Wrestling Entertainment World Heavyweight Title ( 2002/05 - )

Buddy Rogers 63/01
Continued to be recogized as world champion in northeast even after losing to NWA world title Lou Thesz on 63/01/24 in Toronto, ON because the promoters refuse recognize Rogers's one-fall loss in the title match; in some accounts, Rogers defeats Antonino Rocca in a fictitious tournament in Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL for the title in 63/03.
Bruno Sammartino 63/05/17 New York, NY
Ivan Koloff 71/01/18 New York, NY
Pedro Morales 71/02/08 New York, NY
Reduced from a world title to a regional belt after the WWWF joins the NWA in 1971.
Stan Stasiak 73/12/01 Philadelphia, PA
Bruno Sammartino [2] 73/12/10 New York, NY
Superstar Billy Graham 77/04/30 Baltimore, MD
Bob Backlund 78/02/20 New York, NY
Renamed to WWF title in 1979/03; wrestles to a double count-out against AWA World heavyweight champion Nick Bockwinkel on 1979/03/25 in Toronto, ON.
Antonio Inoki 79/11/30 Tokushima, JAPAN
Backlund pins Inoki in a rematch in Tokyo, JAPAN on 1979/12/06, but WWF president Hisashi Shinma declares the match to be no-contest because of the interference of Tiger Jeet Singh; Shinma gives the belt back to Inoki, but he does not accept it.
Bob Backlund [2] 79/12/12 New York, NY
Defeats Bobby Duncum for the vacant title; defeats NWA World heavyweight champion Harley Race by disqualification on 1980/09/22 in New York, NY(no title change); title held up on 1981/10/19 when Greg Valentine is mistakenly given the belt by a dazed referee after being pinned by Backlund.
Bob Backlund [3] 81/11/23 New York, NY
Defeats Greg Valentine in rematch; wrestles to a double count-out against NWA World heavyweight champion Ric Flair on 1982/07/04 in Atlanta, GA; recognized as WWF World Heavyweight Champion when WWF withdraws from NWA in 1983.
Iron Sheik 83/12/26 New York, NY
Wins title when manager Arnold Skoaland throws in the towel while Backland is in the camel clutch.
Hulk Hogan 84/01/23 New York, NY
Andre the Giant 88/02/05 Indianapolis, IN
The referee counts three even though Hogan's shoulder comes up before the third count.
Ted DiBiase # 88/02/05 Indianapolis, IN
Awarded by Andre immediately after winning the title; announced as champion until the following weekend when WWF president Jack Tunney announces the title cannot be given away and Andre has officially vacated the title by doing so.
Randy Savage 88/03/27 Atlantic City, NJ
Defeats Ted DiBiase in tournament final.
Hulk Hogan [2] 89/04/02 Atlantic City, NJ
Ultimate Warrior 90/04/01 Toronto, ON
Sgt. Slaughter 91/01/19 Miami, FL
Hulk Hogan [3] 91/03/24 Los Angeles, CA
The Undertaker 91/11/27 Detroit, MI
Hulk Hogan [4] 91/12/03 San Antonio, TX
Held up on 1991/12/04 after two controversial changes, to be given to Royal Rumble winner.
Ric Flair 92/01/19 Albany, NY
Wins Royal Rumble, eliminating Sid Justice; has claimed the "Real World Heavyweight Title" since 1991/09 with his NWA World Heavyweight title belt.
Randy Savage [2] 92/04/05 Indianapolis, IN
Ric Flair [2] 92/09/01 Hershey, PA
Bret Hart 92/10/12 Saskatoon, SK
Yokozuna 93/04/04 Las Vegas, NV
Hulk Hogan [5] 93/04/04 Las Vegas, NV
Mr. Fuji, Yokozuna's manager, challenges Hogan immediately after Yokozuna wins the title.
Yokozuna [2] 93/06/13 Dayton, OH
Bret Hart [2] 94/03/20 New York, NY
Bob Backlund [4] 94/11/23 San Antonio, TX
Diesel 94/11/26 New York, NY
Bret Hart [3] 95/11/19 Landover, MD
Shawn Michaels 96/03/31 Anaheim, CA
Sycho Sid 96/11/17 New York, NY
Shawn Michaels [2] 97/01/19 San Antonio, TX
Vacant on 1997/02/13 because of a knee injury.
Bret Hart [4] 97/02/16 Chattanooga, TN
Defeats Undertaker, Steve Austin, and Vader in a Four Corners No Disqualification Elimination match .
Sycho Sid [2] 97/02/17 Nashville, TN
The Undertaker [2] 97/03/23 Rosemont, IL
Bret Hart [5] 97/08/03 East Rutherford, NJ
Shawn Michaels [3] 97/11/09 Montreal, PQ
Referee suddenly stops the match and awards the title to Michaels.
Steve Austin 98/03/29 Boston, MA
Kane (Glen Jacobs) 98/06/28 Pittsburgh, PA
Wins title in a first blood match after the Undertaker attacks Austin.
Steve Austin [2] 98/06/29 Cleveland, OH
Vacant on 1998/09/27 in Hamilton, ON, CANADA when Austin was pinned by both Undertaker and Kane simultaneously in a 3-way match.
Rocky Maivia 98/11/15 St. Louis, MO
Defeats Mankind in 13-man tournament final.
Mankind 98/12/29 Worcester, MA
Rocky Maivia [2] 99/01/24 Anaheim, CA
Mankind [2] 99/01/26 Tucson, AZ
Rocky Maivia [3] 99/02/15 Birmingham, AL
Steve Austin [3] 99/03/28 Philadelphia, PA
The Undertaker [3] 99/05/23 Kansas City, MO
Steve Austin [4] 99/06/28 Charlotte, NC
Mankind [3] 99/08/22 Minneapolis, MN
Pins Austin in a triangle match against Austin and Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley 99/08/23 Ames, IA
Vince McMahon 99/09/14 Las Vegas, NV
Vacates on 1999/09/20.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [2] 99/09/26 Charlotte, NC
Defeats Rocky Maivia, Kane, Mankind, British Bulldog, and Big Show in a Six Pack Challenge match.
The Big Show (Paul Wight) 99/11/14 Detroit, MI
Defeats Helmsley and The Rock in a Triple Threat match; Big Show substitutes for "injured" Steve Austin.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [3] 00/01/03 Miami, FL
Chris Jericho wins the title on 00/04/17, but the decision is later revsersed on the same day because of a fast count by referee.
"The Rock" Rocky Maivia [4] 00/04/30 Washington, DC
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [4] 00/05/21 Louisville, KY
The Rock [5] 00/06/25 Boston, MA
Pins Vince McMahon a 6-man tag team match, teaming with Kane and Undertaker against Vince, Shane McMahon & Triple H.
Kurt Angle 00/10/22 Albany, NY
The Rock [6] 01/02/25 Las Vegas, NV
Steve Austin [5] 01/04/01 Houston, TX
Kurt Angle [2] 01/09/23 Pittsburgh, PA
Steve Austin [6] 01/10/08 Indianapolis, IN
Chris Jericho 01/12/09 San Diego, CA
Unifies WCW World Heavyweight Title, which Jericho has won earlier on the same card, defeating The Rock; billed as "Undisputed" WWE title.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [5] 02/03/17 Toronto, ON
Hulk Hogan [6] 02/04/21 Kansas City, MO
The Undertaker [4] 02/05/19 Nashville, TN
The Rock [7] 02/07/21 Detroit, MI
Defeats The Undertaker and Kurt Angle in a 3-way match.
Brock Lesnar 02/08/25 Uniondale, NY
No loger billed as "Undisputed" title after Lesnar signs to wrestle exclusively for the Smackdown brand; RAW brand general manager Eric Bischoff awards World Heavyweight Title to Triple H on 02/09/02 in Minneapolis, MN for defeating The Undertaker for a top contender match on 02/08/26.
The Big Show [2] 02/11/17 New York, NY
Kurt Angle [3] 02/12/15 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Brock Lesnar [2] 03/03/30 Seattle, WA
Kurt Angle [4] 03/07/27 Denver, CO
Defeats Lesnar and the Big Show in 3-way match.
Brock Lesnar [3] 03/09/16 Raleigh, NC
Wins 60min Iron Man match.
Eddie Guerrero 04/02/15 San Francisco, CA
John Bradshaw Layfield 04/06/27 Norfolk, VA
John Cena 05/04/03 Los Angeles, CA
Moves to the RAW brand in 05/06.
Edge 06/01/08 Albany, NY
Wins a a ladder match on 05/04/03 in Los Angeles, CA to obtain a right to challenge for the title anytime next year; defeats Cena right after Cena wins a 6-man elimination cage match.
John Cena [2] 06/01/29 Miami, FL
Rob Van Dam 06/06/11 New York, NY
Edge [2] 06/07/03 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Van Dam and John Cena in a 3-way match.
John Cena [3] 06/09/17 Toronto, ON

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