Monday, February 12, 2007

Title Histories Part 8-WWE World Heavyweight Title

RAW ( 2002/09 - 2005/06 )
Smackdown! ( 2005/06 - )

Triple H / Hunter Hearst Helmsley 02/09/02 Milwaukee, WI
Has defeated The Undertaker on 02/08/26 for a title shot to WWE "Undisputed" title; awarded WCW World Heavyweight Title belt by RAW TV program general manager Eric Bischoff after the champion Brock Lesnar is signed to wrestle exclusively for SmackDown, another TV program; also defeats Kane, the holder of Intercontinental Title, on 02/10/20 in Little Rock, AR.
Shawn Michaels 02/11/17 New York, NY
Eliminates Triple H in a 6-man "Elimination Chamber" match against Triple H, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, and Kane.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [2] 02/12/15 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Bill Goldberg 03/09/21 Hershey, PA
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [3] 03/12/14 Orlando, FL
Chris Benoit 04/03/14 New York, NY
Defeats Helmsley and Shawn Michaels in a 3-way match.
Randy Orton 04/08/15 Toronto, ON
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [4] 04/09/12 Portland, OR
Vince McMahon declares the title vacant because of a controversial match involving champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Chris Benoit, and Edge ending in a no-contest on 04/11/29 in Baltimore, MD.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley [5] 05/01/09 San Juan, PR
Wins an Elimination Chamber match, last eliminating Randy Orton.
Dave Batista 05/04/03 Los Angeles, CA
Moves to Smackdown! on 05/06/28; vacates on 06/01/10 due to bicep injuries.
Kurt Angle 06/01/10 Philadelphia, PA
Wins 20-man battle royal, last eliminating Mark Henry.
Rey Mysterio 06/04/02 Chicago, IL
Pins Rany Orton in a 3-way match against Angle and Orton.
Booker T. 06/07/23 Indianapolis, IN
Dave Batista [2] 06/11/26 Philadelphia, PA

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