Monday, February 12, 2007

Title Histories Part 3-USWA World Title

Jerry Lawler 88/12/13 Chicago, IL
Has won AWA World Heavyweight title, defeating Curt Henning on 88/05/09 in Memphis, TN; unifies WCWA World Heavyweight title, defeating Kerry Von Erich on 88/12/13.
Master of Pain 89/04/01 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [2] 89/04/25 Memphis, TN
Soultaker 89/10/23 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [3] 89/11/06 Memphis, TN
King Cobra 89/12/30 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [4] 90/01/08 Memphis, TN
Jimmy Valiant 90/02/26 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [5] 90/03/12 Memphis, TN
Jimmy Valiant [2] 90/04/28 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [6] 90/05/05 Memphis, TN
The Snowman 90/06/18 Memphis, TN
Stripped on 90/08/27 when Snowman no-shows defense.
Jerry Lawler [7] 90/10/08 Memphis, TN
Defeats Austin Idol in tournament final.
Terry Funk 90/11/05 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [8] 91/03/11 Memphis, TN
Awesome Kong 91/07/29 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [9] 91/08/12 Memphis, TN
The Dragon Master 91/08/26 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [10] 91/09/02 Memphis, TN
Kamala 91/11/25 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [11] 91/12/02 Memphis, TN
Title held-up after a match against Kamala 91/12/07 in Memphis, TN.
Kamala [2] 91/12/09 Memphis, TN
Defeats Lawler in rematch; title held up after a match against Koko B. Ware on 92/02/02 in Memphis, TN.
Kamala [3] 92/02/10 Memphis, TN
Defeats Ware in rematch.
Koko B. Ware 92/02/24 Memphis, TN
Kamala [4] 92/03/16 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [12] 92/05/04 Memphis, TN
Defeats Eddie Gilbert on 92/06/08 in Memphis, TN to unify GWF World Heavyweight title.
Eddie Gilbert 92/06/15 Memphis, TN
Rick Morton 92/07/13 Memphis, TN
Eddie Gilbert [2] 92/07/20 Memphis, TN
Junkyard Dog 92/09/21 Memphis, TN
Butch Reed 92/10/12 Memphis, TN
Todd Champion 92/10/17 Cleveland, OH *
Jerry Lawler [13] 92/11/02 Memphis, TN
Koko B. Ware [2] 92/12/07 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [14] 92/12/14 Memphis, TN
Papa Shango 93/05/03 Memphis, TN
Owen Hart 93/06/21 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [15] 93/07/05 Memphis, TN
Tatanka 93/09/13 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [16] 93/09/20 Memphis, TN
Lawler pins Tatanka in 8-man tag team match with special stipulations to allow title to switch.
Randy Savage 93/10/11 Memphis, TN
Vacated on 93/11/20 when USWA and WWF temporarily end co-promotion.
Jeff Jarrett 93/11/22 Memphis, TN
Wins battle royal, pinning Jerry Lawler.
Jerry Lawler [17] 93/12/20 Memphis, TN
Eddie Gilbert [3] 94/01/31 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [18] 94/02/07 Memphis, TN
Eddie Gilbert [4] 94/02/14 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [19] 94/03/25 Senatobia, MS
Sid Vicious 94/07/16 Memphis, TN
Wins by forfeit.
Jerry Lawler [20] 95/02/06 Memphis, TN
Bill Dundee 95/02/25 Memphis, TN
Razor Ramon 95/04/03 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [21] 95/05/01 Memphis, TN
Ahmed Johnson 95/11/06 Memphis, TN
Jeff Jarrett [2] 95/12/20 Tunica, MS
Stripped on 96/03/02 because of a back injury.
Jerry Lawler [22] 96/03/04 Memphis, TN
Defeats Mabel in tournament final; title held-up after a match against Bill Dundee on 96/03/08 in Truman, AR on an NAW card; rematch is scheduled for 96/04/05 (result unknown; Lawler wins?).
Jeff Jarrett [3] 96/04/20 Memphis, TN
Jarret pins Lawler when Lawler checking on referee Frank Morrell, who fakes a heart attack while Lawler pins Jarrett.
Jerry Lawler [23] 96/07/24 West Helena, AR *
Sid Vicious [2] 96/08/30 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [24] 96/09/02 Memphis, TN
Colorado Kid 96/10/04 Jonesboro, AR
Jerry Lawler [25] 96/11/16 Memphis, TN
Tank 97/03/15 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [26] 97/03/22 Memphis, TN
King Reginald (Reggie B. Fine) 97/04/12 Memphis, TN
Jerry Lawler [27] 97/04/27 Memphis, TN
Dutch Mantell 97/08/08 Memphis, TN
USWA closes in 97/11.

Title Histories part 3-WCWA-World Class
Rick Rude 86/02/20
Wins NWA American Heavyweight title from King Parsons on 85/11/04 in Ft. Worth, TX; named the first WCWA World heavyweight champion on 86/02/20 after World Class separates from NWA.
Chris Adams 86/07/04 Dallas, TX
Black Bart 86/09/15 Los Angeles, CA *
Kevin Von Erich 86/10/12 Dallas, TX
Al Perez 87/08/21 Dallas, TX
Wins by forfeit.
Kerry Von Erich 88/03/06 Dallas, TX
Iceman King Parsons 88/03/25 Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich [2] 88/05/08 Irving, TX
Jerry Lawler 88/10/23 Memphis, TN
Kerry Von Erich [3] 88/11/04 Dallas, TX
Tatsumi Fujinami # 88/12/09 Tokyo, JAPAN
Wins when referee rules Von Erich bleeding too heavily to continue.
Kerry Von Erich # [4] 88/12/10
Fujinami unsatisfied with the result and returns the belt to Von Erich.
Jerry Lawler [2] 88/12/13 Chicago, IL
Has defeated Curt Henning on 88/05/09 in Memphis, TN for AWA world title; unifies WCWA world title on 88/12/13; held up after a match against Kerry Von Erich on 89/04/05.
Jerry Lawler [3] 89/04/14
Defeats Kerry Von Erich in rematch; unifies AWA and WCWA World heavyweight titles to become the Unified World heavyweight champion

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