Monday, February 12, 2007

Title Histories Part 2-WCWA (World Class) Heavyweight Title

Rick Rude 86/02/20
Wins NWA American Heavyweight title from King Parsons on 85/11/04 in Ft. Worth, TX; named the first WCWA World heavyweight champion on 86/02/20 after World Class separates from NWA.
Chris Adams 86/07/04 Dallas, TX
Black Bart 86/09/15 Los Angeles, CA *
Kevin Von Erich 86/10/12 Dallas, TX
Al Perez 87/08/21 Dallas, TX
Wins by forfeit.
Kerry Von Erich 88/03/06 Dallas, TX
Iceman King Parsons 88/03/25 Dallas, TX
Kerry Von Erich [2] 88/05/08 Irving, TX
Jerry Lawler 88/10/23 Memphis, TN
Kerry Von Erich [3] 88/11/04 Dallas, TX
Tatsumi Fujinami # 88/12/09 Tokyo, JAPAN
Wins when referee rules Von Erich bleeding too heavily to continue.
Kerry Von Erich # [4] 88/12/10
Fujinami unsatisfied with the result and returns the belt to Von Erich.
Jerry Lawler [2] 88/12/13 Chicago, IL
Has defeated Curt Henning on 88/05/09 in Memphis, TN for AWA world title; unifies WCWA world title on 88/12/13; held up after a match against Kerry Von Erich on 89/04/05.
Jerry Lawler [3] 89/04/14
Defeats Kerry Von Erich in rematch; unifies AWA and WCWA World heavyweight titles to become the Unified World heavyweight champion.

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